Using cutting-edge thermography studies, expert Victoria Bailey helps you understand and

visualize your pain for effective treatment

Using cutting-edge thermography studies, expert Victoria Bailey helps you understand and

visualize your pain for effective treatment

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About Victoria

As a Certified Natural Health Professional and Enzyme Specialist, Victoria Bailey, CCT, CNHP, LDHS, provides support and education on breast health, dental health, digestive health, thyroid and immune system functionality, and many other areas of prevention.

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What is thermography?

Discover what your body already knows


Thermography is a totally non-invasive health screening procedure that is pain-free, radiation-free, compression-free and touch-free. Thermography is also the only technology that can “visualize your pain.”

How Does it Compare to Mammography?

This chart shows the average growth rate of a cancerous tumor.

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What Clients are Saying

The importance of dental health & the role thermography can play.

Thermography is often associated with breast health. As Sabine explains, it was the catalyst to identifying an undiagnosed dental issue that had been affecting many different areas of her health. After her thermographic scan, Sabine and her healthcare practitioners were able to start piecing together a puzzle that ultimately led to finding and addressing all her health issues.

Why working with Victoria Bailey at Whole Body Thermography was a good decision for me.

When asked if she would be willing to discuss her experience with Whole Body Thermography, Candace did not hesitate to say yes.

Not only did she share her experience, but also her reason for choosing Thermography. Listen as Candace shares her personal story.

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The #1 Screening Tool to Monitor Breast Health

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